2014 Sailpast : Notice of Event

23 Jul, 2014

Notice of Halifax Harbour Event

Sunday, 14 Sept 2014, 1415 (Local time)

The Convoy Cup Foundation will pay tribute to veterans of the WWII convoys and more recent international conflicts by conducting a ceremonial Sailpast by the Canadian Naval Memorial, HMCS Sackville, on Sunday, 14 Sept, 2014 at 1415 local time.

Convoy Composition

The convoy will consist of recreational / pleasure boats varying in size from 22 to 50 Ft.  It is difficult to predict the numbers of boats that will participate, but previous sailpasts have attracted up to 96 boats.  Boats will display the names of ships from the wartime convoys and a narrator will describe the ships represented as the boats pass HMCS Sackville and salute the veterans. 


The boats will gather in groups of 8 - 12 vessels of similar size and speed capability in different locations in Halifax Harbour between 1330 and 1400.  Depending on the number of boats participating, the first group (‘A’ Flotilla) will gather in the vicinity of Purdy’s Wharf and the other groups will assemble on the Dartmouth side west of the Alderney Marina and east of King’s Wharf / Dartmouth Cove, all well clear of the ferry track.


After the 1400 Halifax tour boat departures, and behind the 1400 ferry from Dartmouth, 'A’ Flotilla will proceed along the Halifax waterfront from the Cable Wharf to pass Sackville at 1415.  Other flotillas will depart from their assembly points and cross the harbour in time to follow behind the lead flotilla from Cable Wharf to Sackville at four (4) knots SOG.  

Communications and Control

Boats will transit the Narrows and Harbour to their assembly points independently monitoring Halifax Harbour Traffic on VHF CH12.  While in their flotillas they should monitor CH66A. 


Prizes will be awarded for the 'Best Salute’ and 'Best Dressed Crew’, either in period costume or any sort of uniform, at the reception for veterans at DYC at 1700.

Registration/ Captains’ Briefing

Registration will take place at the DYC Clubhouse:

  • Thurs, 11 Sept, 1800 – 2000; 
  • Fri, 1700 – 2100; 
  • Sat, 1000 – 1200; 
  • Sun, 1000 – 1130. 

A Capt’s briefing will be at DYC on Sun at 1200.

Further Info / Questions

Visit the Convoy Cup Foundation Website or call the Convoy Coordinator, Bob Stewart, bstew@bellaliant.net or 435-9657(home) or 456-4281(mobile)

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