Honouring those who served.

For over twelve years, the Convoy Cup Foundation has been promoting and preserving the history, stories, and memory of the sailors, airmen, and merchant marine that secured and preserved peace in our time.

As the memory of the Battle of the Atlantic and World War II sink further into the past, the Convoy Cup Foundation, working with our sister foundation in Risør, Norway, is dedicated to making this important part of our history accessible to a new generation.

We use the sport of sailing to tell the story of the convoys. The convoys from Halifax and New York provided a lifeline to an entire continent locked in a struggle against unimaginable tyranny. It is our mission to ensure the scope and scale of the sacrifice made to defend liberty and democracy is never forgotten.

Each year, we alternate between Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Risør, Norway, where we host the Convoy Cup yacht race, the Bamse Cup regatta for youth, and a commemorative sailpast where participating boats represent ships that were lost during the Battle of the Atlantic. The Convoy Cup Commemorative Sailpast has taken place in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Risør, Skudeneshavn, and Oslo, Norway; St. John’s, Newfoundland; and Whitby, Ontario. It’s our way of honouring those who served and making their history accessible to young and old alike.

Each year we also provide opportunities for underprivileged youth to learn the sport of sailing and how to compete. The Bamse Cup has gone on to become the most successful regatta in Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada’s sailing capital of the North Atlantic.

Convoy Cup medallion

In its twelve year history, the Convoy Cup Foundation has honoured over 2000 veterans with the Convoy Cup medallion, and contributed to war museums worldwide. We’ve donated to Canadian and Norwegian Sailor’s monuments in Halifax, Lunenburg, Chester, and Liverpool, Nova Scotia, as well as the Bamse Sea Dog monument in Montrose, Scotland.

Lunenburg War Monument

The Foundation continues to donate and make important contributions to programs focused on treating PTSD and re-integrating veterans of recent conflicts back into civilian life. Supporting our veterans means more than just preserving history. Each year, the Convoy Cup Peace Prize is awarded to organizations supporting our veterans. Best of all, it’s veterans themselves who choose the peace prize recipient.


The Convoy Cup Foundation humbly seeks your support. Please consider making a donation online in the name of one of the ships represented in our sailpast. We need your support to continue perpetuating the stories of those who sacrificed so much to protect our way of life. With your help, the Convoy Cup Foundation will continue honouring those who served for years to come.

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