2014 Sailpast : Vessel Instructions

23 Jul, 2014

Sunday, 14 Sept 2014, 1415 (Local time)


Registration will take place at the DYC Clubhouse:

  • Thurs, 11 Sept, 1800 – 2000;
  • Fri, 1700 – 2100; 
  • Sat, 1000 – 1200;  and
  • Sun, 1000 – 1130.  


The participation fee is $35.00 (for flags, banners, reception, etc).  Each participating vessel will get a banner bearing the name of a WWII convoy ship, that ship’s national flag and a number sign (on loan), and a Convoy Cup burgee (to keep).  When each boat’s banner, flag and number are returned, a Convoy Cup bulkhead plaque will be provided as a souvenir of the event. 


A briefing for all participating boat captains will be held at DYC Sun, 14 Sept, at 1200.  Flotilla and sequence number assignments and assembly areas will be designated at that briefing.

Formation Route

Each vessel will be assigned to a Flotilla and receive a number to be displayed on the stern showing the vessel’s placement in a Flotilla, e.g. No’s 1 – 10 in ‘A’ Flotilla, 15 – 25 in 'B’ Flotilla, etc.  - Vessels are to assemble in numerical sequence at the designated flotilla assembly points by 1345.  Maintain the sequence, as it is important to the narrator on board Sackville.

Flotilla Leaders will be responsible for leading their flotillas to the Staging Point (SP) off Murphy’s (Cable) Wharf to follow the preceding flotilla past HMCS Sackville without a gap in the convoy.  They may use any speed that all flotilla vessels can maintain to the SP, but must pass the SP at, and maintain, four (4) knots (SOG) for the sailpast.

To maintain the integrity of the formation all vessels should keep their relative positions and speed until south of Bishop’s Landing, then disperse south of George’s Island.

Vessels are to follow the preceding boat, and pass HMCS Sackville, at 30 metres.

Observe Controlled Access Zones around the Naval Dockyards and avoid the Dartmouth Ferry route except to cross it when necessary.  All vessels should remain on the east side of the harbour when returning to the Basin and stay clear of flotillas still in formation.


VHF radio communications should be kept to a minimum. 

Use LO (1 Watt) transmit power setting and ensure your radio is set to CAN © mode or channel set (not US, U, Int or I).  (The frequencies are different in US or international sets.)

All vessels are to switch to and monitor Ch 66A as they join their flotilla and until south of Bishop’s Landing, then switch back to and monitor Ch 12.  

The Convoy Coordinator will also monitor Ch 12 & 16 and pass on any pertinent information or instructions to affected flotillas on Ch 66A as they approach the SP.

Backup communication will be by cell phone (the Convoy Coordinator is 456-4281).

Banners, numbers and flags

Your convoy ship name banner should be attached to your rail or superstructure on the starboard side and the country flag flown midships or on the stern.  The convoy number is to be affixed to the stern so the next boat can see it.  The convoy cup flag may be flown anywhere.


When your vessel is directly astern of HMCS Sackville, the country flag should be dipped or gathered and the boat’s horn sounded.  Crews should salute the vets by standing to attention and removing their caps.

The Commanding Officer of HMCS Sackville and our liaison officer, Jim Reddy, will be the narrator on board Sackville announcing the names of the participating boats and a description of the convoy ships they represent as they pass.


At the veterans’ reception at DYC after the sailpast there will be trophies and prizes awarded for the 'Best Salute’ and 'Best Dressed Crew’ - either in 1940’s period costume or any sort of uniform dress.


If your vessel has trouble keeping up with the rest of the flotilla, tell the Flotilla Leader on Ch 66A.  

If you have mechanical problems that affect your speed or ability to participate, you may be asked to drop out of the formation and signal the vessels behind to pass.  Be sure to let the Flotilla Leader, Convoy Coordinator and narrator on HMCS Sackville know so they can amend the list of boats for those watching the sailpast in Sackville.

Further information & questions

Visit the Convoy Cup Foundation Website or call the Convoy Coordinator, Bob Stewart, bstew@bellaliant.net or 435-9657 (home) or 456-4281 (mobile).


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