Convoy Cup 2014 : Notice of Race

15 Aug, 2014


September 13-14

1. Organizing Authority: This race will be hosted by the Dartmouth Yacht Club of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

2. Rules: Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 (RRS), the prescriptions of Sail Canada and this Notice of Race except as modified by the Sailing Instructions. Dartmouth Yacht Club Race Committee (RC) and Protest Committee will have final authority on all matters. 

3. Description: The Ocean Race is an overnight race of 100 to 150 miles and fits into the description of the Offshore Racing Council’s Category 3.

4. Start date and course: Shall be attached to the Sailing Instructions for the Ocean Race and made available at the Ocean Race Skipper’s meeting on Friday, September 12th. The race will commence Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 1000 hrs on the Halifax waterfront and finish in the vicinity of Maughers Beach light house and Georges Island as determined by the RC. The race will be postponed and/or shortened if conditions warrant. 

5. Eligibility: Any sailing yacht with an overall length of 24 feet or greater that complies with Transport Canada Small Vessel Regulations will be eligible for the Ocean Race. All yachts entered in the Ocean Race must be inspected prior to the start of the race. Random inspections of yachts entered in the races may also take place at the end of the race. Every Yacht entering the Ocean Race must have a crew of at least 2 persons and must have a watch-keeper on deck at all times. In addition each yacht entered in the Ocean Race shall be fitted with jack lines, an operating VHF, and carry a sufficient number of safety harnesses and tethers available for all crew members in the cockpit and on deck, parts to facilitate repairs or removal of rigging if necessary, and sufficient stores of food and water for up to two days. The owners of all boats entered must be current members of their national governing body, i.e.: local sailors must be a member of Sail Canada. Your Sail Canada card or similar proof of membership may be requested at registration. Yachts must have a valid Sail Nova Scotia PHRF rating. 

All Yachts entering the Ocean Race must be inspected prior to the race. Inspections will be done by appointment during the week of September 8th to 12th by contacting Mary Ridgewell at or call 463-2108. 

6. Classes: Ocean Race Classes will consist of A spinnaker, B spinnaker, C non- spinnaker class and a Double Handed Class. Classes must consist of at least five boats. A, B and C handicap may be combined or split. The split shall be determined by the median point of handicap rating of the boats entered in the four classes. The Double Handed Class yachts will be racing in both fleet class and the Double Handed class shall start with its respective class based on its handicap. The ratings will be PHRF handicap assigned to each yacht by Sail Nova Scotia. 

7. Entry Fees: Entry fees for all classes will be $50.00 

8. Schedule:

  • 1800 to 2000 Thursday, Sept. 11 Registration
  • 1700 to 2100 Friday, Sept. 12 Registration
  • 1800 Friday, Sept. 12 BBQ and Music
  • 1930 Friday, Sept. 12 Ocean Race Skipper’s Meeting
  • 1000 Saturday, Sept. 13Ocean Race Warning Signal (Halifax Waterfront)
  • 1700 Sunday, Sept. 14 Participants’ Reception 1800 Sunday, Sept. 14 Awards 

9. Prizes: The first yacht to finish in each division, on corrected time, will be the winner of the Convoy Cup, a perpetual trophy that resides at the Dartmouth Yacht Club. 

10. Insurance: All yacht must show proof of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance. 

11. Contacts: Dartmouth Yacht Club, 697 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, N.S., B3B 1B7. Tel: (902) 468-6050, Fax: (902) 468-0385, Attention: Stephen Whitefield, e-mail:

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